When you’re injured in an accident in Ventura County or lose a loved one because of another person’s negligent behavior, your first thoughts might not concern filing a lawsuit. However, when it comes time to seek compensation for injuries and to hold responsible parties accountable, you shouldn’t look any further than the Quirk Law Firm, LLP. According to a recent story from the Ventura County Bar Association, Trevor Quirk and Aletheia Gooden recently helped the surviving spouse of a wrongful death victim to develop a personalized form of recompense for her losses.

Empowering Civil Litigation Plaintiffs

Last year, Ventura educator Chris Prewitt died after he was struck by a driver, Shante Chappell, who was under the influence of Xanax. The victim’s widow, Erin Prewitt, urged the judge in Chappell’s criminal case to avoid sentencing her to prison. As Prewitt explained, Chris was her husband, and she felt that she should have a say in how Chappell ultimately was sentenced for the act that killed him. While the judge in the criminal case didn’t agree and sentenced Chappell to four years in prison, Prewitt had another opportunity to have a voice through civil law.

Working with dedicated attorneys Trevor Quirk and Aletheia Gooden at the Quirk Law Firm, LLP, Erin Prewitt has been able to tailor her case in a manner that she finds satisfactory. Prewitt initially thought of filing a personal injury lawsuit and beginning the process of civil litigation. She began looking at her options for filing a personal injury lawsuit. However, with the help of her compassionate and committed civil litigation attorneys, Prewitt decided that entering into a civil contract with Chappell might provide her with the type of compensation she has been seeking.

Prewitt knew that it would be difficult to recover much money from Chappell given that the defendant only carried the minimum auto insurance required under California law. In addition, Prewitt wasn’t necessarily seeking monetary damages. Instead, she had a strong desire “to effectuate change and to uncover the truth” about the facts surrounding her husband’s death. Prewitt’s civil litigation attorneys have proven their ability to be flexible and understanding about the nuances in each case they take as they’ve helped Prewitt to “create and mold the terms of her own contract with Chappell.” For the plaintiff, it “has been empowering.” The terms of the contract will allow Prewitt to require Chappell to stop using drugs and to engage in community development to benefits others, as well.

Compassionate & Flexible Civil Litigation Attorneys In Ventura County

If you have been injured or lost a loved one in an accident in Southern California, you should always discuss your case with an experienced civil litigation attorney in Ventura. At the Quirk Law Firm, LLP, we are dedicated to providing personalized representation and tailored solutions for each of our clients. We are committed to our work, and we will advocate tirelessly on your behalf. To find out more about how we can be the top civil litigation attorneys for your civil litigation case, contact us today.


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