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The Importance of Having A Trial Attorney For Your Personal Injury Case

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Many times, if someone is in an accident, they believe they can handle the legal formalities on their own, especially if injuries are negligible. However, the odds are against them; generally, people who retain trial attorneys fare better in obtaining the compensation they are entitled to. It is generally in your best interests to seek a Ventura trial lawyer if this is your situation.

You Won’t Be Overwhelmed

Many times, insurance companies count on people without attorneys to settle quickly. They know that legal jargon and the sheer volume of paperwork that usually occurs in a personal injury trial will intimidate most laymen, and they often see an opportunity to buy you off relatively cheaply. A personal injury attorney can help, but a knowledgeable trial attorney can act for you while having a better idea of what your case is worth, thanks to experience with trial and insurance companies both. A personal injury attorney may be well versed in insurance negotiations, but have no plan if negotiations break down. A trial attorney can do both.

Different Preparation From The Beginning

Another major difference between a trial attorney and a standard personal injury attorney is that a trial attorney will prepare a case as if trial is imminent, from the very beginning. This can be a time-saver, as well as impress upon your insurance company that if need be, you are ready, willing and able to bring your case before a judge or jury. If you engage the services of a personal injury attorney from the beginning, as opposed to a trial lawyer, you might still need to engage a trial lawyer if negotiations are unsuccessful. It makes more sense to hire an attorney who can do it all right at the beginning.

There Is Still No Fee If You Lose

While there are exceptions, the overwhelming majority of trial attorneys will charge a contingency fee in a personal injury case, meaning that they are entitled to a percentage of your settlement if you win, and receive nothing if you lose. Thus, there is essentially no risk to you in engaging one, because you can benefit from their knowledge and experience even if your suit is unsuccessful. In California, there are also more specific laws governing contingency fees, so you are protected regardless of outcome.

Experience Matters

When you have been injured, you need a quality attorney to help fight for you. Trial lawyer Trevor Quirk and the Quirk Law Firm are ready, willing and able to share the benefit of our experience and knowledge with you. Contact our Ventura offices today at 805-650-7778 to set up an appointment to discuss your case.

Rear-end car accident

$1,300,000 Verdict For Injured Woman Involved In Car Crash

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Victoria Sandoval, a 57-year-old woman, has recently been awarded $1.3 million in damages to compensate her for lost wages, medical bills, past pain and suffering, and future pain and suffering. Here is her story:

The Accident & Injuries

Ms. Sandoval was injured when she was acting as a passenger in a vehicle that was pulled over and stopped to the side of the road. The vehicle she was in was rear-ended by a drunk driver. Initially thinking that her injuries were not serious, Sandoval returned to her home that night. A few days later, after she had developed pain from the accident, she sought hospital care. There, she was x-rayed, given pain medications, and discharged.

However, the pain did not subside, and so she followed up with a chiropractor for a few months. When pain continued to persist, she sought further medical care and eventually underwent an intensive neck surgery. Since that time, she has made a slow – but positive – recovery.

Liability for Injuries

Victoria Sandoval only speaks Spanish, limiting her abilities to negotiate with an insurance adjuster on her own and potentially limiting her understanding of the insurance claim system. It is no surprise, then, that the drunk driver’s liability insurance policy – which was held in an amount of $25,0000 – refused to pay Sandoval’s claim, asserting that she was not really injured.

The Quirk Law Firm, LLP Builds a Winning Case

Ms. Sandoval sought the services of our team at the Quirk Law Firm, LLP, where our Ventura abogados – or attorneys – helped her to build a winning case. Because the insurance company initially denied her claim, they are now on the hook for the entire amount. Today, Sandoval has been awarded: $200,000 for past medical bills; $50,000 for lost wages; $100,000 for past pain and suffering; and $750,000 for future pain and suffering.

If you need help with injury accidents, our talented attorney, Trevor Quirk, can help you. We are committed to providing injury victims with the legal services they need, and will never charge you upfront or request hourly pay. Your initial consultation with us is always free, so contact us today at (805) 650-7778 to get started! Se habla Espanol.

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