Recent Case Verdicts & Settlements

  • $26,000,000 Verdict

    Wrongful death case in Ventura County, CA – Christopher Prewitt was jogging on Victoria Avenue training for the Mountains 2 Beach Marathon when an intoxicated driver drove off the road and struck and killed. Christopher left behind his loving wife Erin and their daughter Isabella “Izzy” Prewitt. Trevor Quirk tried the case to verdict resulting in one of the largest verdicts in Ventura County history-$20M.

  • $8,400,000 Verdict

    Spine injury case in Long Beach, CA – Richard Endreszl was driving a bobtail truck for work in Los Angeles, CA when a speeding driver approached him from the rear, struck another vehicle that had just pulled out from a curb and then struck Richard’s bobtail truck. The speeding driver blamed the crash on the driver who had just pulled out from the curb and argued Richard’s back injuries were not from the crash. Trevor Quirk tried the case to verdict. A Long Beach jury found the speeding driver 100% liable and rendered a verdict of more than $8 million to Mr. Endreszl.

  • $10,000,000 Verdict

    Wrongful death case in Butte County, CA – Carlos Gonzalez was weedeating on the side of a road for homeowners when a pickup truck left the road, struck and killed Mr. Gonzales and then fled the incident scene. Mr. Gonzalez left behind a wife and two young boys. The homeowners’ insurance company blamed the pickup truck driver, denied any liability and refused to offer the family any money. The pickup truck driver refused to offer any money above his meager insurance policy limits. Trevor Quirk and Aletheia Gooden tried this case right after the Long Beach verdict. A Butte County jury returned a $10M verdict for the Gonzalez family and apportioned 15% liability against the homeowners.

  • $10,000,000 Verdict

    Wrongful Death Case – Dad/husband killed by a hit and run driver

  • $8,300,000 Verdict

    Spine Case Read More

  • $20,000,000 Verdict

    Wrongful Death Case involving a pedestrian in Ventura, CA.

  • $3,500,00 Verdict

    Wrongful Death Case – Los Angeles County

  • $2,000,000 Verdict

    Wrongful Death Case – Oxnard, CA

  • $255,306 Verdict

    Disputed Liability Auto Accident Case – Kern County

  • $900,795 Judgment

    Fraud, Breach of Contract Case – Los Angeles County

  • $300,000 Settlement

    Disputed Liability Auto Accident Case – Las Vegas, NV

  • $613,555.03 Verdict

    Auto Accident Case – Merced County

  • $8,031,320 Settlement

    Assisted in Construction Defect Case – Clark County, NV

  • $1,600,000 Settlement

    Disputed Liability Slip and Fall Case – Riverside County

  • $350,000 Settlement

    Construction Defect Case – Las Vegas, NV

  • $740,790 Settlement

    Auto Accident Case – Ventura County

  • $450,000 Settlement

    Auto Accident Case – Ventura County

  • $2,060,000 Settlement

    Motorcycle Accident Case – Riverside County

  • $250,543.59 Verdict

    Disputed Liability Auto Accident Case – Clark County, NV

  • $650,000 Settlement

    Auto Accident Case – Fresno County

  • $2,000,000 Settlement

    Wrongful Death Case – Los Angeles County