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Every year, thousands of Ventura residents sustain spinal cord injuries and back injuries when they’re involved in serious accidents. To be sure, the World Health Organization (WHO) reports that between 250,000 and 500,000 spinal cord injuries occur annually across the globe. How do most of these devastating injuries happen? The WHO points out that, in many cases, spinal cord injuries are preventable. A majority of spinal cord injuries are caused by automobile accidents, falls, and other traumatic incidents.

Spinal cord injuries and neck injuries have life-altering consequences. If you or someone you love sustained a spinal cord injury due to another person’s negligence, it’s very important to discuss your case with an experienced spine injury attorney Ventura residents trust. At the Quirk Law Firm, LLP, we regularly represent clients in the Ventura area that have sustained spine and head injuries, and we can discuss your case with you today.

Facts and Figures About Spinal Cord Injuries

What is a spinal cord injury? According to the Mayo Clinic, spinal cord injuries are defined as “damage to any part of the spinal cord or nerves at the end of the spinal canal.” In most cases, these injuries result in “permanent changes in strength, sensation, and other body functions below the site of the injury.”

The WHO points out that demographic trends do exist when it comes to determining risk of a spinal cord injury:

  • Males are more likely than females to sustain spinal cord injuries, at a ratio of at least 2:1 among the adult population.
  • Females are at greatest risk for one of these debilitating injuries when they’re between the ages of 15-19, and then again when they over the age of 60.
  • Somewhat similarly, males are at greatest risk when they’re between the ages of 20-29, and again when they’re over the age of 70.

The Foundation for Spinal Cord Injury Prevention, Care & Cure also provides important statistics concerning the causes of these life-changing injuries:

  • A large number of spinal cord injuries result from falls (more than 26 percent).
  • Violence and assaults lead to more than 15 percent of reported spinal cord injuries.
  • Sports, including football and other contact sports, can lead to a severe spinal cord injury (nearly 8 percent of those reported).

Recognizing that most of these injuries are preventable is extremely important. And in events where another party’s negligence resulted in a dangerous accident that caused your spinal cord injury, you deserve to be compensated.

Experienced Ventura Spine Injury Accident Attorney

Sustaining a spine injury can mean that you’re “two to five times more likely to die prematurely” than those who haven’t been affected, according to the WHO. To be sure, suffering a devastating accident can result in a loss of future years and the loss of enjoyment of life. If you were in a car collision or another accident in Southern California and suffered a spinal cord injury, you should be sure to discuss your case with a Ventura accident attorney.

Why should I call a spine injury attorney?

You Were Injured in an Accident

If you have been injured in any type of accident, such as a car accident, cycling mishap, or boating wreck, seek legal counsel. Even if it seems like no one is legally obliged to take responsibility for your injuries, anything from faulty brakes to negligent operation of a machine could make one or more parties legally liable.

Someone Intentionally or Negligently Hurt You

If you hurt someone else willfully or through gross negligence, you can take legal action. A bar patron who beats you in a brawl is responsible for any injuries you suffer, as is a gun owner who accidentally shoots you or a driver who accidentally hits you. These are just a few examples of willful or negligent injuries that could result in a spine injury.

When a Doctor Caused or Failed to Treat Your Injuries

Medical errors account for approximately 250,000 deaths per year, and may injure thousands more.  If your doctor caused your injuries, contact an attorney to discuss your legal options.  It can take years of medical training to even determine whether your injuries were the result of the doctor’s actions. This makes it even more important to consult with an attorney.

Your doctor might be liable if:

  • They failed to treat injuries that they knew required treatment.
  • The doctor ignored the medical standards for the treatment of existing injuries.
  • The doctor made serious mistakes during the operation, such as scratching an artery or performing an operation on the wrong organ.
  • The doctor was intoxicated while consulting or operating on you.

Sometimes lawsuits are not warranted.  Sometimes treatment fails or a doctor makes a common error that doesn’t cause serious harm.  If your condition worsened after seeking medical care, this is a sign that you may need legal help.

You Were Injured at a Business

If you were injured at someone else’s business, that business might be liable for your injuries even if the injuries seem accidental.  For example, a pallet of heavy boxes that falls on you from behind in a warehouse could be the result of negligent packing or faulty equipment, or a fight at a local pub could be because the establishment failed to provide adequate security or fosters an abusive and aggressive environment. Businesses often have insurance policies which cover the costs of serious injuries sustained by patrons and employees. This makes it easier to recover damages.

A Faulty Product Injured or Failed to Protect You

Faulty products almost always result in lawsuits, but only if the person being sued is injured. Some instances in which you may be able to sue for a faulty product include:

  • A bicycle helmet that failed to protect you in an accident.
  • A protective product caused injury, such as an airbag that failed to deploy or deployed at the wrong time.
  • You have been given the wrong medicine or health care product by your pharmacist.
  • You were seriously injured as a result of a reaction to a prescription drug.

These types of injuries are extremely costly, both emotionally and financially. Contact the Quirk Law Firm, LLP today to learn more about filing a claim for compensation.