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inside public transit in Ventura, California

How We Can Help People Involved in Public Transportation Accidents

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Injury attorney Trevor Quirk has recovered millions of dollars for his clients against public entities. He recently recovered 1.6 million dollars for a client who slipped and fell at a public school and 3.5 million dollars from a public entity on his clients’ behalf.

Being injured in an auto accident involving a type of public transportation can raise questions about liability and getting paid for damages. If you have been involved in this type of accident in Ventura County, our experienced public transportation accident lawyers at the Quirk Law Firm, LLP want to meet with you. Here’s how we can help you if you have been involved in a public transportation accident–

Investigating the Accident

We investigate the cause of a public transportation accident to determine who should be held liable for the accident and exactly what happened. This is true whether you were involved in a bus, train, taxi, limousine, trolley, cab accident, or an accident involving any other type of vehicle.

It is important that you contact us as soon as possible after your crash so that we can open the investigation while evidence is still intact. In addition to visiting the scene of the accident and gathering important data ourselves, we also hire experts, such as accident reconstruction experts, who can assist in building your claim.

Filing Your Claim

Filing a claim against a government entity after a public transportation accident, such as a city bus accident, has its challenges. For example, the time limit for filing your claim is different than it would be if you were filing a claim against a private party – when you file a claim against a public entity, you must do so with within six months from the date of your injury (see: How to File a Claim published by the state of California).

Negotiating Your Claim

It’s not just enough to make sure that your claim is filed on time and that you have the appropriate amount of evidence necessary to prove negligence and damages; you may also need to negotiate for a fair settlement amount. Claimants are not always offered the compensation that they deserve, in hopes that they will accept any offer that is made. Our Ventura personal injury law firm determines exactly how much your claim is worth and the extent of damages that you have suffered, and then advocates for you during the settlement process. If a settlement cannot be reached, we are prepared to take your claim to trial.

Contact Our Law Offices Today

Injury attorney Trevor Quirk knows how scary accidents can be. He also knows that filing a claim against a government entity after an accident involving public transportation can be intimidating. Throughout the entire process, he will competently guide you through how to file your claim and how to maximize your settlement amount. He has the experience and compassion for his clients that our claim deserves.

If you are injured in a public transportation accident in Ventura, Oxnard or any other surrounding area and want to learn more about your rights and options, please contact our law firm today. We are reachable online or by phone 805-650-7778, and a consultation with our lawyers is always free.

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How To Deal With Insurance Companies After An Auto Accident

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It is imperative that your report your car accident, truck accident, or motorcycle accident to your insurance company as soon as you can after being involved in an auto accident. As soon as you report your accident, your insurance adjuster will open an insurance claim, which will include asking you dozens of questions about the crash. Here are some tips for dealing with your insurance company after being involved in an auto accident.

Stick to the Facts and the Basics

Your insurance adjuster will ask you to provide an account of what happened. First, do not agree to give a recorded statement unless you are being represented by a Ventura auto injury law firm. Second, when you do provide your account of what happened, stick to the facts and the basics; do not provide details that your insurance adjuster does not need to know. Make sure you answer questions honestly, and never exaggerate or hyperbolize. If you do not know the answer to a question, simply say that you do not know rather than making up an answer.

Do Not Admit Fault

You should never admit fault when dealing with an insurance adjuster. This includes saying things such as, “This would have never happened if I wouldn’t have…” or, “I’m sorry…” or, “I feel terrible about…” Even if you did contribute to the accident, this is information that should only be shared with your personal injury attorney.

Be Prepared to Reject a First Settlement Offer

It can be tempting to accept an initial settlement offer; after all, who doesn’t want to get the money they are owed and wipe their hands of the settlement process? However, accepting a first settlement offer is rarely in your best interests, as most insurance adjusters offer less than your claim is really worth the first go around. Make sure you show the offer to your attorney, who can advise you prior to accepting it. In most cases, you will want to reject the offer and negotiate for a higher amount.

Remember that even if the offer doesn’t seem fair, you should still be polite. Getting angry or treating an insurance adjuster with disrespect is never a smart move.

Hire a Ventura Personal Injury Attorney

Hiring a trial attorney who is ready to take your case to court if a settlement cannot be reached after an accident involving a motor vehicle is a smart idea. At the Quirk Law Firm, LLP, attorney Trevor Quirk and our accident lawyers in Ventura are prepared to fight for you. To learn more about how we can represent you when dealing with an insurance adjuster, contact us today online for a free consultation.

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Auto Accidents In Oxnard Involving Government Property

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While auto accidents in Oxnard happen at roughly the same frequency as in other cities, there are those that cause comment no matter where they occur. A good example is the spate of accidents that have transpired this past year involving civilians and the cars or property of government agencies. There are different rules that must be followed when a car accident happens between public-owned vehicles and privately-owned vehicles than if an accident occurs between civilians.

Negligence Per Se

One major difference is in the handling of the legal concept known as negligence per se. In many Oxnard car crashes, negligence per se helps ease the burden on the plaintiff, as they must prove certain things in order to be able to show the defendant was responsible for their injuries. California jury instructions state that if (1) the defendant violated a specific statute (for example, California’s prohibitions against drunk driving), and (2) that violation was a ‘substantial factor’ in the harms the plaintiff suffered, then the defendant must, by law, be found negligent. This is considerably easier than proving the four pillars of standard negligence law.

While this is a very common tool used in standard auto accident cases, the important thing to remember is that it is not permitted to allege negligence per se against government employees in auto accident cases. The reason for this is tied up in a piece of legislation called the California Tort Claims Act (CTCA). The CTCA shields the government and its employees from most causes of action in tort, but provides statutory exceptions under which some claims can be brought. If you are involved in an Oxnard car crash with a government employee, you may likely bring suit against them under a theory of vicarious liability, which is actually bringing suit against their employer to answer for their acts.

Filing Notice

The other major difference in filing suit against a public employee or entity versus a private person is that any claim for money or other damages must first be announced, so to speak, by the filing of a claim under the CTCA. California law governs just how this must be done and what must be said in the claim to properly advise that a suit will be brought. The information is fairly common sense; you must provide your name and contact information, the information surrounding the incident, and the amount sought (specifically if over $10,000; if under $10,000, a general approximation is acceptable).

This must be done within six months, regardless of the statute of limitations on the actual injury incurred. It is important to remember that this must come before any kind of filing in court, or your suit may be dismissed for failure to conform with procedure.

Contact An Oxnard Car Accident Attorney

If you have sustained a personal injury in Ventura and need help understanding the process, it is in your best interests to hire a competent car crash lawyer. Quirk Law Firm, LLP has been handling cases related to auto accidents and personal injury in Oxnard for many years, and we understand how frightening and difficult the process can be. If you are injured, you need a car crash attorney in Oxnard who sees you as a human being in need of help, not just as a number. Contact us today at 805-650-7778.

streetsweeper in Los Angeles

Driver Killed After Crashing Into Street Sweeper In Gardena

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A driver was killed after losing control of his vehicle and slamming into a slow-moving street sweeper in Gardena early Friday, authorities said.

The crash occurred around 2 a.m. at the intersection of East Alondra Boulevard and South Maple Avenue (map), according to Lt. Scott Aikin with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

The driver lost control of his vehicle and clipped the street sweeper before colliding with a light pole, Aikin said.

He was pronounced dead at the scene. His identity has not yet been released.

The driver of the street sweeper sustained minor injuries but declined to be transported to a hospital, according to Aikin.

An investigation was underway into the cause of the crash.

KTLA’s Geoff Peters contributed to this report.

Source KTLA website


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710 Freeway at Night

Woman Struck and Killed While Walking In Lanes On 710 Freeway In Long Beach

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The southbound 710 Freeway was shut down Wednesday night after a woman was struck and killed while walking in lanes, according to the California Highway Patrol.

The first call came into the Highway Patrol at 8:36 p.m. that a woman was walking in traffic on the northbound 710 Freeway, according to CHP Officer Patrick Kimball.

A second caller stated the woman was in the HOV lane, Kimball said.

At 8:42 p.m. the woman was struck by a car on the southbound side of the freeway just north of the 405 Freeway, Kimball said.

Traffic was being diverted from the 710 to the 405 while the Highway Patrol investigated the scene.

No other information was released.

Source KTLA 5

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2 Most Dangerous Freeways In California

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Interstate 5Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere in Los Angeles but there are particular roads that are considered “accident-magnet” because of the high frequency of car accidents there. These Los Angeles roads are: Interstate 5 (I-5) and Interstate 10 (I-10). These highways are particularly prone to fatal accidents because of the high volume of traffic and other contributing factors. Read More

Woman Receives 4.5 Million Dollars In Automobile Accident Settlement

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Woman Receives 4.5 Million Dollars in Automobile Accident Settlement

Posted on Jun 15, 2012 9:20am PDT

crumpled cars after crash in Ventura CountyGilroy Woman Receives 4.5 Million Dollars in Automobile Accident Settlement

A 2009 accident on California’s Highway 101 left one driver seriously injured and a passenger dead. The driver, Anna Reznik, was a full time care giver. She had been driving her patient around when the accident occurred. The patient a 92 year old woman died as a result of the crash while Ms. Reznik was left nearly paralyzed. Ms Reznik required many surgeries and after several years of therapy and treatment she can only walk very short distances with the help of a walker. Ms. Reznik’s accident occurred at an intersection that had to be previously closed because of the number of accidents at that particular intersection. Ms. Reznik won a judgment against the county for almost four million dollars and recovered another five hundred thousand dollars from the other driver involved in the accident. Read More

woman buckling baby into carseat

Car Seat Mistakes You May Be Making

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woman buckling baby into carseatHere is a sobering truth: every day we lose 4 to 5 children in car crashes. They are the leading cause of death for kids in this country and yet most of us are completely untrained in the best way to keep our kids safe from them: by properly installing a car seat. “Across the country we find a greater than 95% misuse of car seats,” says Alisa Baer, M.D., a pediatrician and nationally certified child passenger safety instructor (who’s also known as The Car Seat Lady). But, don’t beat yourself up. What looks like just another piece of shiny, plastic baby gear is actually a sophisticated and complicated piece of safety engineering, and sometimes it takes an engineering degree to use it properly. So we spoke with three car seat safety professionals to find out what we’re doing wrong and how to do it right. Read More