When you are injured in a Camarillo accident, you need to take the following steps:

  • Obtain all the information you will need to support your claim;
  • Receive appropriate medical attention; and
  • Work with an experienced injury attorney to file and pursue a personal injury claim.

The first two steps are fairly straightforward: take photos of the accident scene and collect contact information from the other parties involved and any witnesses, then go to your doctor to have your injury diagnosed. But what about the third step? If you have never suffered a personal injury before, you might not know how to choose the right lawyer to handle your claim.

As you interview prospective lawyers, keep the following in mind:

Work with a Lawyer who has Experience with your Case Type

A brilliant car accident lawyer might be terrible at handling a dog bite case. Although there are similarities between various types of personal injury claim, there are nuances involved in each that can be missed by a lawyer who is not well-versed in them. Choose a lawyer who has experience handling your specific type of case, whether you are facing a car accident, a premises liability claim, a defective product claim, a dog bite, or any other type of personal injury claim.

Work with a Lawyer who is Willing to Discuss His or Her Success Record

You want to work with a lawyer who has a record of success. Ask your prospective attorney about his or her previous record. Your lawyer should not only be willing to discuss his or her successes, but his or her losses. This shows that he or she is not trying to hide anything from you, but wants to improve on his or her strategy to avoid making the same mistakes.

Work with a Responsive Lawyer

This is perhaps the most important characteristic to keep in mind when choosing a personal injury lawyer. “Responsive” means a few different things. It means that the lawyer or a representative of his or her office should respond to all of your phone calls or emails in a timely manner. It also means that your lawyer should not shy away from discussing his or her billing method with you and giving you a fair quote for your case.

If you are Promised a Specific Result, Walk Away

Remember, an attorney cannot guarantee your case’s result. All he or she can do is discuss the strategy he or she will use and how that strategy has worked in the past. If you are guaranteed a specific dollar amount or any other result, be wary. A competent lawyer knows not to make any guarantees.

Work with an Experienced Camarillo Personal Injury Law Firm

If you are seeking personal injury help in Camarillo, CA, work with experienced personal injury lawyer Trevor Quirk of Quirk Law Firm, LLP. Our firm proudly serves clients with a variety of case types and can help you seek the money you deserve for your damages. Contact our team of personal injury attorneys today to schedule your free legal consultation with a member of our team.

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