What Children Should And Shouldn’t Do Around Dogs

aggressive pitbull in Ventura County, CaliforniaChildren can’t be taught to not be children, nor should they be! However, Quirk Law Firm says that there are definitely things children should and shouldn’t do around dogs. Parents and guardians can certainly instill these things in their children and possibly save them from the trauma and pain of a dog attack.

Some of these things include:

  • Teach a child to stay as calm as possible when they meet any dog. If the child does become fearful or stressed, remove them from the dog’s presence before any accident can occur.
  • Children should be told to never, ever try to scare off a dog by throwing sticks, stones or any other objects at the animal. Dogs with an aggressive nature will only view this as an invitation to engage, and the results can be catastrophic.
  • Teach the kids not to hit a dog with sticks or anything else, even if the dog appears ready to attack. This is difficult to teach, but it’s vital that the child appears calm and disinterested, even boring to the dog. Tell them to turn their back and fold their arms. This will save them from getting bitten on the hands, and if they appear bored, the dog will very likely become bored as well. Practice this at home in role-play until the child knows exactly what to do.
  • Children should be taught to never approach any dog, even one on a leash, without first seeking permission from the dog’s owner/handler.
  • No matter how small or friendly a dog appears, kids should be taught never to approach strange dogs. Their friendly, enthusiastic approach can and often is misconstrued by the dog as aggressive behavior.
  • Teach children how to pet the dogs. Before touching the animal, tuck their fingers into a loose fist and let the dog smell their hand first. Then, bring the hand up from under the dog’s head. Dogs view hands coming down on them from above the head as potentially dangerous.

More than 4.7 million Americans were bitten by dogs last year, and more than half of these were children. California has a very high rate of child dog bites, in spite of strict laws that hold dog owner’s civilly liable for injuries caused to victims.

If your child has been bitten by a dog, get them medical help immediately. Also, try to ensure that you know exactly which dog it was that bit your child, because you’ll need to be able to identify the animal to hold the owner responsible.

Once your child has been seen to by a medical provider, contact Quirk Law Firm . The consultation is completely free, and a good dog bite attorney will explain to you how to go about recovering your child’s medical expenses, as well as getting compensation for their pain and suffering, their emotional or psychological trauma and, if necessary, the cost of plastic surgery.

If someone else’s dog has attacked and injured your child, make sure the dog owner is held liable, and that your child receives the resources he or she will need to make a complete recovery. By taking action, you may also be saving someone else’s child from a similar fate.

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