Slip and Fall Lawyer

When you’re at the grocery store, in a restaurant, or shopping at the mall, the last thing on your mind is likely that you are going to slip and fall. In fact, when a slip and fall accident occurs, it can often be so embarrassing that the person who fell does not want to cause a scene. When this happens, it often leads to the person not reporting the accident in enough time to file the claim or simply never reporting the accident at all. This means that the person who fell will be responsible for any financial losses while they are recovering, such as lost time at work, hospital stays, or even physical therapy. If you are prepared to report your slip and fall accident and file a claim, one of the best things you can have in your claim is a witness statement. 

Locating A Witness

Immediately following your accident, if you are in a public place you may have noticed people around who saw the accident occur. When this is the case, one of the smartest moves you can make in preparation for a claim is to get the contact information of any witnesses to your accident. If there were multiple witnesses or witnesses who saw the accident occur from different angles, this can also help to bolster your claim. 

What does a witness statement include? 

As you prepare to move forward with your claim, a lawyer, like a slip and fall lawyer from a law firm like MartinWren, P.C. knows what should be involved in a witness statement. This statement should include: 

  • Details regarding how they saw the slip and fall occur
  • Information about the weather or other hazards nearby
  • Information regarding the physical and emotional pain displayed by the victim (you) after the slip and fall 
  • What kind of other damage may have occurred during the fall (a tile was loose or a handrail was broken)
  • The reaction of employees or the manager after the accident occurred (such as saying “I’m sorry”)

It cannot be stated enough how important it is to have a witness for your slip and fall case. While it is possible to have a successful case without a witness providing their testimony, they can help to provide proof of what occurred and give third-party, neutral insight into the events leading up to, during, and after the accident. 

What To Get From The Witness At The Scene

When you are at the scene of the accident, there is certain information that you want to gather from the witness. This includes their contact information, phone number, email, and home address. You want to ensure your lawyer will be able to contact them when you begin your claim process. 

If you were injured during a slip and fall accident, you should feel confident moving forward with a claim. For more information on how a local law firm can help you with your accident claim, reach out to a local firm now.