Personal Injury Lawyer

If you bring your new baby home, your baby will probably spend the majority of time in the home either in the crib or in the womb of his or her mother if they are not in your arms. It never occurs to you that the product that carries a life, might also cause that life to be taken. Several infant deaths have been linked to drop-side cribs. Despite the fact that they were designed with infants in mind, the design of these products makes them dangerous according to a personal injury lawyer with our friends at The Law Offices of Andrew Lynch.

Drop-side cribs are cribs that allow both sides of the crib to rise and fall so that parents are able to easily place or remove their child from the crib. But these products also pose a threat by suffocation or even strangulation. These cribs require very specific assembling instructions and the tiniest slip up, or miscalculation may cause the crib to function improperly. And you do not want this to happen. This means purchasing a used drop-side crib from a garage sale or other sources is a bad idea, as they may already be missing parts that are necessary to assemble a secure crib for your child. Even putting together your own can be dangerous. Sadly, your child may not be safe even if you purchase a crib directly from the manufacturer as their machines can also make mistakes, or the product can become damaged in transit.

Drop-side cribs have been recalled by several popular brands, and defects with these products are the leading cause for these recalls. In the event that a manufacturer is at fault for the defect of your product you may be able to file a claim for product liability claim. A manufacturer may be deemed at fault if there are no warning labels for hidden threats or if the product is not equipped to fulfill the duty it is intended to fulfill. Unfortunately, these types of cases occur more often than not, which of course has lead these items to be pulled from the stores, but also has put several families and companies through a lot of legal drama. Determining fault can be difficult no matter the circumstances of your case, so you should reach out to a qualified lawyer in your area for help immediately. They will be able to come up with a legal plan of action to get you the compensation you deserve.

No parent should have to lay his or her child to rest due to faulty equipment they purchased to actually lay their child to rest. If you or someone you know has lost a child due to a defective drop-side crib it is important that you speak with a skilled attorney who is experienced in personal injury as well as negotiating because cases of these magnitude, where a life has been lost, require an attorney that will fight for what you and your family deserves.