2 Most Dangerous Freeways In California

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Interstate 5Accidents can happen anytime and anywhere in Los Angeles but there are particular roads that are considered “accident-magnet” because of the high frequency of car accidents there. These Los Angeles roads are: Interstate 5 (I-5) and Interstate 10 (I-10). These highways are particularly prone to fatal accidents because of the high volume of traffic and other contributing factors.

Interstate 5 in California

The I-5 is a major north-to-south route of the Interstate Highway System in the country that is situated in the State of California. The highway starts from the Mexico-US border at the San Ysidro community and goes across into Oregon. The major California cities that are linked by the I-5 are Los Angeles, San Diego, Santa Ana, Stockton, Sacramento, and Redding.

This highway is dubbed as one of the most dangerous roads in Los Angeles in terms of fatal car accidents. From 1994 to 2008, data show that at least 494 people were killed in car accidents in I-5.

Interstate 10 sign

Interstate 10 in California

Another major highway in California is the I-10. This highway is the major east-to-west Interstate Highway in the Southern US that links major California cities to Arizona’s border. The I-10 runs through California major cities including Los Angeles, Santa Monica, and San Bernardino.

I-10 is among the most fatal car accident-prone areas in Los Angeles. According to a study, from 1994 to 2008, about 327 people were killed in road accidents in I-10. The high traffic volume is pointed as the main cause of accidents in the highway. In fact, due to the frequency of traffic accidents in the area, the California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) has constructed special Accident Investigation Sites to solve causes of accidents.

Causes of Car Accidents in I-5 and I-10

Aside from high traffic volume, there are also other factors that make accidents frequent in I-5 and I-10, and these include the following:

Alcohol intoxication – Drivers who operate their vehicles while under the influence of alcohol are most likely to get involved in a car accident in any major freeways and highways like I-5 and I-10. Hence, it is imperative for all drivers not to get behind the wheel if they have had a drink to ensure their own and other people’s safety.

Distracted driving – Texting drivers are likely to cause or be involved in a road accident. Use of any handheld electronic gadget while driving is a big no-no for drivers because doing so can take their attention from driving and could lead to a crash.

Driver fatigue – Driving on interstate highways can be tiring and exhausting. Some of the recorded accidents in I-5 and I-10 are associated with fatigued or sleepy drivers. Hence, Los Angeles drivers who are heading for a long trip should take enough rest or sleep before they hit the road.

If you got involved in a car crash in Los Angeles freeway, make sure to contact a Los Angeles car accident attorney who can help you in claiming for personal injury damages.

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