Upper Ojai Relief

Aftermath of the Thomas Fire
The Thomas fire in Upper Ojai has been devastating for local families. What started as a simple potluck pancake breakfast for those affected by the fire and responders, quickly grew to become the non-profit Upper Ojai Relief. Attorney Trevor M. Quirk, Esq. and friend Justin Homze took leftovers from the breakfast in the back of a truck and delivered it to the community. As they delivered the food, the community delivered supplies. Donations are still coming, and the help is still needed.

The fire ignited on December 4th, 2017, but the struggle is not over. You can still lend your support through donations and by volunteering your time and labor.

Visit the Upper Ojai Relief website to see how you can help.

Articles from various news organizations are listed below that tell the story of the fire and its aftermath. You can also read inspirational stories of the Upper Ojai community on Trevor’s personal Facebook page.

News Mentions