TBI Lawyer Ventura, CA

As a TBI lawyer Ventura, CA relies on from Quirk Law Firm, LLP knows, when it comes to filing a TBI injury claim, you will want to make sure you have the necessary evidence. For example, you may have suffered from a very severe TBI that is going to cause long-lasting or permanent damage. You may think that, at the very least, you should have an easy claim process. However, if you are lacking the evidence necessary to show that the other party is responsible for your injuries, then what may have seemed like an obvious case may soon prove to be very difficult. It is important that you understand what a lawyer will be looking for to help bolster your claim. 

Provide Any Evidence You Can

It is crucial to give evidence of what happened if you are able. Some things that would be incredibly useful include:

  • Eyewitness statements. One of the most valuable things that you will be able to provide for your case is eyewitness statements. This means that it is not just you pointing the finger at someone else and them saying “it wasn’t me.” Instead, if there were neutral third parties there who witnessed your accident, this will be incredibly valuable. 
  • A police report. If the police were called to the scene of the accident, it may provide factual statements of what happened and what the scene looked like when police officers arrived. 
  • Video or surveillance footage. Depending on where you were when the accident occurred, you may have access to surveillance footage that shows how you got into an accident. Your Ventura, California TBI lawyer can speak with restaurant owners or other business owners who may have caught someone else’s negligence causing your TBI.
  • Any medical records you have. When you end up asking for damages, your lawyer will want you to provide every receipt and medical record you have after the accident occurred that relates to your brain injury. Your doctor’s record will not only provide solid evidence showing the extent of your injury and how it could have occurred, but they will also be able to give you an idea of how treatment may help and what your prognosis is. This is imperative to your claim and estimating damages. 
  • Notes regarding your ability to work. Your lawyer will likely be working with expert witnesses to determine whether you will be able to return to work in the same capacity or at all. Expert witnesses, your doctor, and other therapists (speech, physical, occupational) can help you understand if you can keep working or if your TBI is so severe you will not be able to provide for yourself and your family. 

This is understandably a very difficult time for you and we know that the road ahead will be hard. When you are ready to begin working on your TBI claim, reach out to Quirk Law Firm, LLP to speak with our TBI lawyer in Ventura, California today.